Pokémon-Go and Other News

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Today I read an article on what Publishers can learn from the new game phenomenon, Pokémon-Go. You can read the article here: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2016/publishers-can-learn-pokemon-go/. The title caught my attention. Upon reading the article, however, I could not come up with any new strategies we could implement based on this augmented reality game. Any ideas?

The Authors Guild and PEN America have publicly condemned the recent actions of the Turkish government, in which they allegedly detained several dozen journalists. You can read the article here: http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/publisher-news/article/71115-writers-organizations-condemn-turkish-attacks-on-free-speech.html. More information is needed before having a stance on this issue…

I have to bring up the Yale Publishing Course which took place a few weeks ago in New Haven, Connecticut. This is a course we have attended multiple times and one that I highly recommend to not only Publishers, but also book distributors and agents, editors, authors and anyone interested in books and magazines whether they work in the field or not – Yale Publishing Course. The attendees are a very diverse group of people from all over the world.

We are getting ready for the Frankfurt Book Fair that will take place in October. If you would like to make an appointment with us, please email Stella at nova.main@novapublishers.com. We are always eager to meet new people!

Currently, we are creating a new blog website with new and exciting information about some of our authors’ books that you can’t find anywhere else (including on our current website!). The information will include:

  • Academic Affiliation and Present Position
  • A brief biography of NOVA Authors/Editors
  • National and International Conferences where their Book will be Displayed
  • Topics in the Book that are Related to Current Newsworthy Events
  • A Short Description of the Book
  • For Whom the Book is Written
  • Any Export Markets where the Book may be of Particular Interest
  • Reviews

This website (which will be novaauthors.com) will be launched in about a month. Stay tuned!

Finally, I would like to congratulate Alexandra Columbus for (finally) getting her Master’s Degree in Publishing from New York University. We are very proud.


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Why we try to maintain a stance of neutrality

Today is July 21st. It marks the day when Belgium separated from the Netherlands in 1831 and it is a Public holiday (one of the 12) in Belgium. Liberation day in Guam is also celebrated on July 21st. It is also National Junk Food Day.

Last week I visited Washington DC. The first visit was Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle which was one of Frank’s and Nadya’s (our CEO’s) favorite bookshops:

DCHH_KramerbooksAfterwardsCafeGrill_1335829578There were many political books as the political election season is still in full gear here in the United States. I would recommend anybody visiting DC to go to this charming little bookstore. I also visited the White House which was much smaller than I thought and the Washington National Cathedral like a true tourist. We also went to a few restaurants, including Ankara. Every Sunday morning there is a farmer’s market open in Dupont Circle until 12. It was one of the best I’ve been to and I do recommend it. Farmer’s Market.

But back to work. Yesterday, an author called and asked what we liked about his article. As Publishers, we try to maintain a stance of neutrality on what we publish. I replied that it isn’t so much about what we like or don’t like about an author’s research, but rather we are looking for quality and potential impact that an article or book might have. My personal opinion doesn’t matter. I might (theoretically) not believe in global warming, for example. But we’ve published many, many books on global warming (i.e., climate change). They are good books and sold well. So as a good journalist tries to maintain a neutral voice, so do we.

Some other questions we received this week that I would like to address:

  1. Are our books on Kindle? No, not yet. Once you upload your book(s) to Kindle, we (as a Publisher) are not allowed to distribute them through any other channels.
  2. Are our books available in XML? No, we only provide the old-school PDF at the moment.
  3. Do you provide eBook collections? Yes, see here – eBook Collections
  4. When will you have a new website? We are working on it as quickly as possible. This is a priority for NOVA. When I have additional information, I will provide it.
  5. Will you be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair? Yes.
  6. Will you be attending the Beijing Book Fair in August? No, not this year.

We are getting some great testimonials in as well and would like to share these with you. They will be updated weekly: Testimonials

Other: We will be partnering with http://www.conferenceseries.com for the 6th World Nursing and Healthcare Conference in London. We haven’t chosen the books yet but they will be posted here once chosen.

Finally, as it interests some people, here is a list of the books that were announced this week:

Leveraging Community-University Engagements for Social Impact with Lifelong Penchants

Open Cell Foams as Substrates for the Design of Structured Catalysts, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Supported Asymmetric Membranes

Staphylococcus aureus: Infections, Treatment and Risk Assessment

Disinfectants: Properties, Applications and Effectiveness

Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 106

Advances in Nanotechnology. Volume 16

Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 117

Artificial Neural Networks: New Research

Ceramic Materials: Synthesis, Performance and Applications

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): Properties, Functions and Health Effects

Mango: Production, Properties and Health Benefits

North Korea: Political, Economic and Social Issues

Progress in Education. Volume 41

Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs): Types, Methods for Detection and Analysis

Robotics: New Research

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Summer in the City

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NEWS: The big news for last week is that LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft Word. What does this mean for Publishers? So far nothing. But read this article: http://bit.ly/23arfXT

Facebook is increasingly becoming the #1 social media site for Publishers, in terms of posting information about their front list, back list titles and author events or discounts. Does Facebook help Publishers sell books? I’m inclined to say – not too much. But there is no harm in putting the information out there.

In an article from Book Business Insight, the following are emerging strategies that Publishers’ are starting to use to advance their business (http://bit.ly/1YrBK8o):

· Customization and personalization
· The integration of video with print
· Using LED technology with print
· The importance of mobile technologies
· The impact of augmented reality
· Case histories discussing how to capitalize on these business opportunities

Do you agree these are important for Publishers?

Pulitzer Prize Nomination: One of our books was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for 2016. The title is “James Monroe: Ensuring National Security with an Instinct for Command.” The link to our website: http://bit.ly/23asEOg


Announced Books: For the week of June 20th, the following books were announced by Nova Science Publishers:

1. A Note on Inheritance and Generalizability Properties in Optimal Control Problems

2. An In-Depth Analysis of Rising Household Indebtedness in an Upper Middle – Income Economy – The Case of Mauritius

3. The George W. Bush Presidency, Volume III: Foreign Policy

4. Advances in Environmental Research. Volume 51

5. Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 104

6. Antibacterials: Synthesis, Properties and Biological Activities

7. Cellulase: Production, Applications and Health Benefits

8. Computer Vision and Simulation: Methods, Applications and Technology

9. Corrosion Inhibitors: Principles, Mechanisms and Applications

10. Domestic Violence: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Perspectives

11. Food Industry: Assessment, Trends and Current Issues

12. Food Markets: Consumer Perceptions, Government Regulations and Health Impacts

13. Forest Ecosystems: Management, Impact Assessment and Conservation

14. Gambling: Risk Factors, Prevalence and Treatment Outcomes

15. Periodontal Disease: Diagnosis, Management Options and Clinical Features

16. Developing a Biometric Exit System to Address Visitor Overstays: Progress and Issues

17. Food Insecurity Among Hispanics and Immigrants in the U.S.: Selected Analyses

18. Latin America: Issues and Considerations for the United States

19. Medicaid Managed Care: Expenditures, Screening of Providers, and Utilization Patterns

20. National Park Service: Analyses and Trends of Appropriations, Fees and Donations

21. A Primer for Swimming Coaches. Volume 1: Physiological Foundations

22. A Primer for Swimming Coaches. Volume 2: Biomechanical Foundations

Covers: Some recent covers of NOVA’s books. Our goal in the future is to make our books available within 8 weeks after they are announced.

9781634852647.jpg 9781634850292.jpg  9781634852586.jpg

9781634851206.jpg  9781634851305.jpg  9781626181885.jpg

Latest Reviews: NOVA’s book “Green Studio: Nature and the Arts in Therapy” was reviewed in the latest issue of the Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture – http://ahta.org/publications. Reviewed by:

Matthew J. Wichrowski MSW HTR

Horticultural Therapist

Clinical Assistant Professor

Rusk Rehabilitation

NYU Langone Medical Center

 For your convenience, here it is:

AHTAJournal_Vol26Issue1_Proof4 final_Page_43.jpg

We wish you a warm and enjoyable July.

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