Nova Science Publishers Discusses Current Journal Subscriptions

Nova Science PublishersAt Nova Science Publishers, librarians, professors and academic researchers from around the globe have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge base by subscribing to one of the company’s journals. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, voracious readers benefit from the extensive catalog presented by this publishing industry leader.

Q: What are the major characteristics of the journals published by Nova Science?

Nova Science Publishers: Each journal offers a broad range of articles that focus on many different trends, personalities and developments. This diversity of offerings is one of the cornerstones of our company and has remained so since the first titles were published in 1985.

Q: Could you offer an example of your company’s most popular journal subscriptions at this time?

Nova Science Publishers: Certainly! The top 10 journal subscriptions as of today are “International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Group Theory and Nonlinear Optics,” “International Journal of Ethics,” “Current Politics and Economics of Northern and Western Asia,” “Current Politics and Economics of South, Southeastern and Central Asia,” “White House Studies,” “International Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra,” “Journal of Applied Statistical Science,” “Current Politics and Economics of Europe,” “Current Politics and Economics of Europe,” and “Russia, China and Eurasia – Social, Historical and Cultural Issues.”

Q: Looking ahead, what does the future hold for your company and its extensive list of authors, editors and researchers?

Nova Science Publishers: Our leadership team is currently developing new markets and more convenient digital delivery methods for journals and e-books. These include a series of online marketing programs and a completely revised website. All of our digital assets are going to feature the company’s book catalogs, social media links, blogs and other relevant materials.

Q: Where can I find out further details about the company’s websites and publications?

Nova Science Publishers: More information is available on our website at