Nova Science Publishers Lauds Support of Founder Frank H. Columbus, Jr.

Nova Science PublishersFrank H. Columbus, Jr. (February 26, 1941 – December 1, 2010) is an iconic figure in the book publishing industry. As the founder of Nova Science Publishers, he overcame the odds to build and develop a premier book publishing company featuring a wide array of academic titles.

After successfully serving in a number of prominent roles at major book publishers, Frank H. Columbus, Jr. founded Nova Science Publishers in late 1985. Over the last three decades, Nova Science Publishers attracted a network of professors, researchers, editors, authors, readers, literary agents and librarians who banded together to create an inviting academic community. With hundreds of new academic titles annually (1,500 in 2013), the company has advanced an impressive subject profile that includes topics ranging from Earth Science and Biology to Law, Crime and Law Enforcement. Each of the books or academic journals offered by Nova Science Publishers has been made available to an international audience through bookseller websites.

Family members, friends and professional colleagues of Frank H. Columbus, Jr. regularly cite his intelligence, integrity and sense of purpose in the praise of his life and work. Besides his tremendous devotion to Nova Science Publishers and its dedicated team of employees, Frank Columbus was known as an excellent conversationalist who could discuss a number of prominent world events from a unique perspective.

An avid follower of several cultures, he felt most attached to the stories of eastern Europe. Frank Columbus, Jr. and his beloved wife, Nadya, spent time each year visiting the country of Georgia. Widely respected for his open-minded nature, this publishing magnate redefined the book publishing industry and continues to make an impact on the lives of people he guided along the way long after his passing.