Nova Science Publishers Offers Impressive Book Catalog

Nova Science PublishersBased in New York, Nova Science Publishers has established a remarkable history of success and integrity since the company’s founding in 1985. Here, company representatives discuss the contents of its wide-ranging catalog and preview some of the most notable titles now available for sale online.

Q: Does your company offer titles exclusively in the science field?

Nova Science Publishers: Although our company began by working with titles in the field of science, we soon expanded to include an array of different disciplines. By harnessing the power of the academic community, Nova has become a trusted voice that tells the story of recent developments in our constantly changing world.

Q: What are some examples of titles in your current book catalog?

Nova Science Publishers: Since beginning our publishing activities in the mid-1980s, our science publications have included a variety of titles including “Industrial Measurement of Electrical and Electronic Components and Equipment,” “The Physical Effects in the Gravitational Field of Black Holes,” and “Issues in Intense–Field Quantum Electrodynamics.” Other titles have focused on modern issues related to technology and the media.

Q: How many titles have been published in this collection?

Nova Science Publishers: Over 2000 books related to the fields of medicine and physics, economics and psychology are published each year and included in the catalog. With a global audience that includes editors, researchers, scholars and authors, the collection continues to grow and develop.

Q: What are some of the more popular subjects in your book catalog?

Nova Science Publishing: Current areas of interest include Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Religion, Women’s Studies, Education, Children and Families Science and Technology, Earth Sciences, Language and Linguistics, Terrorism, Health, Energy, Space Sciences, Media and Communication, Transportation, Sports and Athletics, Humanities, Ethics, History, Materials Science, Internet, Agriculture and Food Science, Political Science, Music, Fine Arts, Medicine, Children and Families, Chemistry, Computer Science and Robotics, Natural Disasters, Education, Philosophy and Biology.