Nova Science Publishers Lauds the Accomplishments of the Late Frank H. Columbus, Jr.

Nova Science PublishersOn December 1, 2010, Nova Science Publishers founder Frank H. Columbus, Jr. passed away at his home in New York. Beloved by many throughout the world, the Nova Science Publishers leader shaped an entire industry through his commitment to excellence and hard work. The current leadership team of Nova Science Publishers offers its thoughts on this tremendous source of inspiration and support.

Q: Where was Mr. Columbus born?

Nova Science Publishers: Frank was born in Pennsylvania on February 26, 1941.

Q: In his early years, how did Frank make an impression upon the world around him?

Nova Science Publishers: After graduating high school, he joined the military.

Q: What were some of the most notable achievements in his career?

Nova Science Publishers: Frank contributed heavily to the popularization of Georgian and Russian scientific research.

Q: Can you explain more specifically how he was instrumental in this movement?

Nova Science Publishers: Sure! He published thousand books focused on the research of Ukrainian, Georgian and Russian scientists.

Q: Where did Mr. Columbus receive his education?

Nova Science Publishers: Frank earned degrees from George Washington University and the University of Maryland.

Q: What leadership roles shaped his early professional development?

Nova Science Publishers: In 1969, Frank was selected as the Vice President of Cambridge Scientific.

Q: How did he become involved in the publishing industry?

Nova Science Publishers: Six years later, the executive team at Plenum Publishing invited Frank to serve as the company’s Vice President.

Q: When was Nova Science Publishers founded?

Nova Science Publishers: In 1985, after a decade of success at Plenum Publishing, Frank founded Nova Science Publishers and soon became one of the industry’s most respected leaders.

Q: From where do the authors and editors of Nova Science Publishers originate?

Nova Science Publishers: Authors, editors and contributors are located in all parts of the world. Each title in our company’s extensive list of works is a tribute to Frank’s undying devotion to research.

Q: How are your titles verified for accuracy and integrity?

Nova Science Publishers: Both the book series and journals are reviewed by experienced and knowledgeable editors and professionals from an international and multidisciplinary background.

Q: Why is this due diligence so important, in your opinion?

Nova Science Publishers: In keeping with Frank’s wishes, each title is designed to create dialogue and share a considerable amount of information and insight with the reader. Nova Science Publishers is proud to present some of the most influential research in the world.

Q: What would you say is Frank Columbus Jr.’s lasting legacy?

Nova Science Publishers: Frank’s talent and professionalism are sure to be remembered by his peers and others for generations to come. In this way, he is alive and well in the hearts and minds of all the friends, family members and colleagues that he inspired throughout his life.

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