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Dear Readers,

The Bologna Book Fair just took place, but as an academic and STM Publisher, NOVA Publishers did not participate. The Bologna Book Fair is focused more on children’s books. It would have still been interesting to attend though…
The London Book Fair is coming up in April and NOVA will have a representative there – Gazelle (theirEuropean Distributor). Next year however, Nadya Columbus and her colleagues plan to attend as it is an important Book Fair for not only top Academic Publishers, but for all publishers that exist worldwide.


New Titles: NOVA Science Publishers are currently focused on promoting their newly released titles, including “Essentials of Chronic Kidney Disease.” It is a book for nephrologists taking care of patients with chronic kidney disease. The National Kidney Foundation holds many important conferences year-round about this global disease. As reviewed by Tom F. Parker, “This book is recommended to all those who are involved in the care of patients with chronic kidney disease… the 38 chapters are packed with insights and information.” Check it out!

Another new title worth looking into published by NOVA is “Infant Feeding: Parental Perceptions, Behaviors and Health Effects.” A review of this book will be published in the June edition of MIDIRS Digest – an internationally recognized midwifery journal. As reviewed by Dr. Julie Clayton, “This is a fascinating book but not one to skim through quickly. Aimed at researchers, practitioners and health professionals, many of its chapters could be expanded to book-length, describing experimental studies or literature reviews on a range of behavioural, biological & health questions around infant feeding.”

Authors: This week, NOVA was visited by Dr. Joav Merrick, an important Editor in the field of intellectual disabilities and an author as well who has published many books with Nova Publishers. Kosher food was eaten by all and it was fantastic to see him and his wife Guli as always. (To reach out to Dr. Merrick for any ideas you might have on intellectual or physical disabilities, please contact Nadya Columbus).

Great Sources: NOVA Publishers is constantly seeking new and innovative ideas on what to publish and how to publish. They are subscribers of Book Business Insight, which is a great source of for information happening right now in the Publishing Industry. It is important to stay on top of what is happening. NOVA is constantly asked by people about which subjects are “hot.” This answer to this question really varies. This week, NOVA received requests for books published in the areas of biology, chemistry and the Nuclear Sciences. Tomorrow, the requests they receive will most certainly be for a different area of research. What people are interested in reading about always changes. It also depends on the Country you are from, what field of research you work in or what you study, among many other factors. A library well-known in the Social Sciences, for example, will most likely not be interested in NOVA’s titles on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster or their books (no matter how fascinating!) on sharks or marine mammals.

Today’s blog will be ended by a quote by Mr. Rogers – “Often when you think you are at the end of something, you are at the beginning of something else.”

Have a good day everyone!