Frankfurt Book Fair and Other News

Dear Readers,

We just returned from the Frankfurt Book Fair and will add pictures soon. Some of the companies we met with include:

And of course, all our representatives and agents from different parts of the world. All with very interesting proposals and ideas. While we currently settle in, here is a sneak peak of books expected to be published in early 2017.

Titanium Alloys 978-1-53610-437-0Dysphagia Ver 2 978-1-53610-432-5Acute Kidney Injury 978-1-53610-379-3Borderline Personality Disorder 978-1-53610-290-1

Protein-Protein Interactions 978-1-63485-970-7

The 2015 Paris Agreement 978-1-53610-500-1Amyloidosis 978-1-63485-884-7
























Thank you all for your support. More news to come.

Warm regards,