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Dear Readers,

This morning at NOVA Publishers started off with an interview with an autistic 19-year old who was looking for a job either in the editorial or art department. He was one of the most charming people I ever met. Hopefully, in some capacity, he will be able to work with us.

New Titles: NOVA Publishers are announcing titles this week such as “Mental Epidemics: From Mobbing to Terrorism Handbook,” “Personalized Medicine (Beyond PET Biomarkers,” “Neuroticism: Characteristics, Impact on Job Performance and Health Outcomes,” and “Socioeconomic Status: Influences, Disparities and Current Issues.” These are the books that jumped at me from the list anyway when rereading it this morning.

Conferences: At a meeting yesterday in New York City, the center of the conversation was on Google and the Digital Publishing Industry. It probably does not come to a surprise to most that recent moves by Apple and Facebook are threatening Google’s core business model. It made me start thinking whether Google (like Amazon) will think about becoming a Publisher themselves.

The Annual ALA (American Library Association) conference is coming up in June, where hundreds of authors and publishers will be attending. From their webpage, it looks like it will be a lot of fun in Orlando ( Sadly, we are not going. As an academic and STM Publisher, ALA is important to us. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this conference.

Every week, we announce new titles in a certain subject, such as “New Books in Psychology”. See below for the new image that we would like to use. I am bargaining with the NOVA art department to change the edges at least. We will see what happens.

  Other News: A review of NOVA’s book “Infant Feeding: Parental Perceptions, Behaviors and Health Effects” will be published in the June Edition of MIDIRS Digest. Please check it out when it comes out!

An endorsement of the book “Diversity, Versatility and Leukaemia” was made by the renowned Sir David Weatherall for the British Journal of Haematology, which we are excited about as well.A review was also sent to us about NOVA’s book “Green Studio: Nature and the Arts in Therapy.” The following is an excerpt:“This publication strives to build foundations and frameworks of eco-arts therapy while providing a practice framework. The editors and chapter authors are leaders in their respective areas who have levitated their practices into an art. Their writing rings with experience and depth. They have explored the nuances of possibility and share techniques sharpened over time through experience. Their love of the work and respect for nature shine through clearly.This publication has value for allied health practitioners and is of particular interest to horticultural therapists and meshes well with our nature-centered work.  Green Studio offers possibilities to expand the boundaries of therapy by utilizing nature as a co- therapist. The authors demonstrate the myriad ways nature can be utilized in a therapeutic sense and provide creative ideas to expand the boundaries of practice. Citations are current and abundant in this scholarly work. The thoroughly referenced chapters provide theoretical and empirical support of the theories utilized and offer great opportunity for further exploration of the subject matter. This work should help promote communication, sharing, and encourage growth among the various eco- arts therapies as well as among the broader factions of nature-based therapy.”
Matthew J. Wichrowski  MSW HTR
Sr. Horticultural Therapist
Assistant Clinical Professor
Rusk Rehabilitation
NYU Langone Medical Center