Social Media and Reviews

April 29, 2016

Dear Readers,

Many times I am asked which NOVA books sell the best. It is hard to say because it varies. This week, I looked at the sales for Nova Publishers’ books for the previous week, as I always do. Some of the books that were ordered include:

  1. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS): Emerging Uses, Safety and Neurobiological Effects ( ordered by Amazon.
  2. Greece: Economic Crises and Management (
  3. Deep Learning: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications ( and
  4. African Music: Traditional and Contemporary (

The week before, books that sold well internationally include:

  1. Advances in Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics and Biophotonics (
  2. Unmanned Aerial Systems: Early Integration Progress ( and
  3. Frontiers in Food Biotechnology (

These are just some examples. All these books are new NOVA books (2016) except for African Music which was published by Nova Science Publishers in 2005. It was recently ordered by Baker & Taylor which makes me believe that there is a renewed interest in the topic.

As an Academic and STM Publisher, it is important to participate in meetings that take place in the Publishing field. Next week, on May 5th, is a conference “Book Business Live: Bookselling Reinvented” that will be taking place in New York City. If you are also attending, please let me know.

Other NOVA Publisher News: We decided to revamp our social media sites. Some Publishers post a minimum of 20 times a day. For us, this is nearly impossible with the other work we have to get done. So, our goal now is to post approximately 5 times a day. In my experience, active social media sites are nice to have but not necessary (i.e., they don’t increase sales by a whole lot. But maybe I am wrong). Our new Facebook banner is modern and clean. It was designed by one of our artists, Regina Rettig.Facebook Banner

Social Media: For NOVA Science Publishers, the most retweets occur when an author gives a shout-out to their book or when an author simply posts a link to their book, which then gets retweeted. Images + Text is the most effective way to receive feedback (rather than just posting text or an image alone). So, this is what we will be working on now for our main Social Media Sites, which are Twitter ( and Facebook ( Other social media channels which we plan to integrate into our company, and which are important for Publishers in general to have include Instagram, a YouTube Account and SnapChat. Maybe with these, we will get more traffic.

I always like to end my blog with a review for one of our books. This week, I’ve chosen the pre-publication endorsement my marketing team received for NOVA’s book “Mental Health Conditions and Services in Selected African Countries: Implications for Social Work and Human Service Professions” (

The book “Mental Health Conditions and Services in Selected African Countries: Implications for Social Work and Human Service Professions” offers a compelling and detailed discussion on the issue of mental health in Sub-Sahara Africa. The authors provide a critical examination of different mental health systems in Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa Uganda and Zambia. They examine the challenges that many Sub-Sahara African nations face in providing mental health care. They also highlight important roles that for example kinship, in the form of extended family ties and various interventions play in providing support networks for people suffering from various forms of illnesses such as mental health, and HIV/AIDS; as well as those living in poverty, who make up a large percentage of most Sub-Sahara populations. An important emphasis in this book are the author’s arguments that effective mental health interventions must take into account Sub-Sahara’s diverse socio-political and economic contexts, as opposed to merely transplanting or designing health care practices that do not align with the local contexts. Such factors as the role of traditional healers, the lack of trained mental health professionals and health facilities, stigmatization of mental health and HIV/AIDS, poverty, life in the rural areas versus life in the African cities, political power and its impact on government policies, as well as the need for up-to-date legislations go to determine the state of mental health in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Gilbert Okuro Ojwang, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Languages

School of Religion

Oakwood University

I will upload the book image once it is created and approved by the Editors.

Have a nice week.