Nova Science Publishers Lauds the Accomplishments of the Late Frank H. Columbus, Jr.

Nova Science PublishersOn December 1, 2010, Nova Science Publishers founder Frank H. Columbus, Jr. passed away at his home in New York. Beloved by many throughout the world, the Nova Science Publishers leader shaped an entire industry through his commitment to excellence and hard work. The current leadership team of Nova Science Publishers offers its thoughts on this tremendous source of inspiration and support.

Q: Where was Mr. Columbus born?

Nova Science Publishers: Frank was born in Pennsylvania on February 26, 1941.

Q: In his early years, how did Frank make an impression upon the world around him?

Nova Science Publishers: After graduating high school, he joined the military.

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Nova Science Publishers Shares Information Through Author Questionnaires

Nova Science PublishersUpon completion of a manuscript, Nova Science Publishers presents the editor or author with a final marketing questionnaire. The marketing questionnaire at Nova Science Publishers includes the following information:

  • Name and Biography of the Editor
  • About the Book (a description for Journals)
  • For Whom the Book Is Written
  • Other Information (including conferences the Editor expects to attend, their present academic position, competitive books, libraries to which the book should be marketed with a special approach, topics in the book related to current newsworthy events and ideas for future books)

After the staff of Nova Science Publishers has collected the author questionnaire, copies are sent out to literary organizations, academic associations, bookstores and libraries. The experienced marketing team of Nova Science Publishers contacts a wide variety of book conferences and events. As a result, many of the company’s books are represented at major domestic and international programs throughout the year.

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Nova Science Publishers Offers Impressive Book Catalog

Nova Science PublishersBased in New York, Nova Science Publishers has established a remarkable history of success and integrity since the company’s founding in 1985. Here, company representatives discuss the contents of its wide-ranging catalog and preview some of the most notable titles now available for sale online.

Q: Does your company offer titles exclusively in the science field?

Nova Science Publishers: Although our company began by working with titles in the field of science, we soon expanded to include an array of different disciplines. By harnessing the power of the academic community, Nova has become a trusted voice that tells the story of recent developments in our constantly changing world.

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